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Company Literature:

Specification Sheets for Cooling Assemblies and Thermoelectric (PeltierModules:

  • The downloadable specifications for individual Thermoelectric (Peltier) modules and cooling assemblies are located on their respective product pages.

Instructions and Tutorials:

Product Manuals and Software:

CE Declarations of Conformity; Déclarations de Conformité; Konformitätserklärung; Dichiarazione di Conformità; Declaración de Conformidad

Technical Papers and Publications in Thermoelectrics:

Theory Development:

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Design and Engineering:

  • “Universal Thermoelectric Design Curves”, R.J. Buist, 15th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, Seattle, Washington, August 18-22, 1980.
  • “Thermoelectric Measurement and Design Technology”, R.J. Buist, VI School of Thermoelectrics, Institute of Thermoelectricity”, Chernivtsy, Ukraine, September 1994.

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Heat Sink Design:

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Testing Materials and Devices:

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Temperature Control:

Power Generation:

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