Rectangular Modules with Center Holes

center-mainpageCenter Hole modules are available in both round and square shapes. TE Technology’s proprietary “potting” for moisture protection and ruggedizing is an option and seals the both outer and inner perimeters. These modules are rated for use up to 80°C.

Please review all technical information & FAQ’s posted on our web site before purchasing thermoelectric modules.

Selections shaded in blue are standard stock items. These items are stocked in prototyping quantities and can generally be shipped within 24-48 hours. Selections shaded in gray may or may not be in stock. Please inquire for stock status. If you are interested in a module that is not standard stock or otherwise in stock then a 100 piece minimum order applies.

Product Price In Stock Imax
CH-41-1.0-0.8 Info/Buy CALL 5.7 18.6 5.3 68 22.5 17.5 3.1 graph
CH-109-1.4-1.5 Info/Buy $38.90 6.1 51 13.7 70 40 40 4 graph
CH-119-1.4-1.5 Info/Buy CALL 6.1 56 14.9 70 40 40 4 graph