Custom OEM Cooling Assemblies

Custom/OEM thermoelectric cooling assemblies are our specialty!Custom thermoelectric Peltier cooling assembliesFor the most challenging cooling situations, we provide customized solutions for all needs and specifications. From Thermoelectric coolers and cold plates to cooling modules and heat exchangers, TE Technology can work with your preexisting designs as an outsourced manufacturing partner or assist you in rapidly achieving tailored answers for demanding cooling requirements. Take a look below for a sampling of possibilities.

TE Technology has extensive experience in designing cooling products and cold plates for laboratory, laser, telecommunications, commercial, industrial, aerospace and most other markets. Our thermoelectric coolers and custom/OEM assemblies are designed to meet your exact, thermoelectric cooling requirements while minimizing cost, size, weight and power consumption. This, in turn, helps reduce the size and cost of the power supply making your end product even more competitive!

TE Technology also performs contract manufacturing for preexisting designs where you wish to establish a manufacturing partner for outsourcing thermoelectric assembly work. The examples shown below are merely several of the 1500 devices we have custom-designed. Hopefully, the visuals will stimulate your creativity and help you to envision how TE Technology can solve your most challenging thermoelectric cooling problems.

Please note that the assemblies shown are not for sale to the general public, as the companies who originally requested the systems paid the engineering charges.

Heat Exchangers for Space Station Use

These two thermoelectric coolers were developed for space flight use and, in particular, for the International Space Station. One version uses an air-cooled, folded-fin heat sink while the other uses a stainless steel, liquid-cooled heat sink. Designed to cool or heat a single-locker enclosure, these were optimized for maximum capacity while meeting weight, size and power constraints.

Heat Exchangers For Space Station Use
RF Device Cold Plates

Cold Plate for Cooling an RF Device

This cold plate provides cooling to a water reservoir. The water is then circulated up to remove waste heat generated from a radio frequency device. A specifically designed liquid-cooled heat sink provides the necessary performance for the cooler.

Large Cold Plate

This large 250mm x 250mm cold plate is capable of removing 525 watts of heat at a 0° temperature difference (referenced to ambient). The cold plate is hard coat anodized and Teflon coated for durability. The heat sink footprint is 250mm x 300mm, and is cooled by a 250mm diameter fan.

Cold Plates For Medical Devices
Semiconductor Industry Air Coolers

Air Cooler for the Semiconductor Industry

Here is an example of utilizing standard coolers as a building block for a custom product. Four AC-162 air coolers are mounted on a frame of stainless steel and the cold side fans have been removed to allow the customer to use their own air movers that are integrated in their cabinet. Other custom features include tachometer output fans, over-temperature thermostats on the heat sinks, custom wiring, and a panel to hold electrical connectors and fuses.

Laboratory Instrument Air Conditioner

This uniquely configured air-cooling unit was designed to fit into a very confined space. It heats and cools the air needed to keep an internal compartment at a constant, preset temperature. TE Technology was contacted to retrofit a cooler previously designed by another company that generally was not performing up to specification. This redesigned unit meets specifications without exceeding the original physical envelope.

Medical Instrument Air Conditioner
Gene-Cloning Cuvette Holder

Gene-Cloning Cuvette Holder

This assembly embodies a unique, blue-anodized aluminum cold/hot plate with an array of holes to accommodate cuvettes containing gene solutions. Genes are cloned via repetitious, tightly controlled hot/cold thermal cycles. The assembly contains a flexible, orange-colored interface sleeve for easy installation to the final instrument’s fresh-air duct.

Air Dryer for an Air Bearing

Excess moisture is condensed from an air supply in this cooling assembly. Moist incoming air flows through the center of a cooled radial exchanger and returns over its radial fins, which condense and collect the liquid. The radial-finned exchanger is cooled using a single thermoelectric module and a compact, bonded fin heat sink.

Air Dryer for an Air Bearing
Air Cooler for a Precision Airborne Instrument

Air Cooler for a Precision Airborne Instrument

Another example of a custom unit derived from a standard product. Here, a standard AC-162 has been modified with a blower for the hot-side air mover. Additional features include an anodized heat sink and cold sink and an air duct that is made from a flexible rubber material to isolate the blowers vibration.

Cold Plate for a Laboratory Instrument

The original design requirements here called for high heat pumping within a small footprint. This unit uses two modules and a bonded fin heat sink for maximum cooling. A conversion coating on the aluminum heat sink is used to prevent corrosion.

Cold Plate for a Medical Instrument
Air Cooler For a Space Flight Instrument

Air Cooler for a Space Flight Instrument

This air-to-air cooler was extensively engineered to give maximum performance. The fin spacing, fin height, and heights of the heat sink, cold sink, and cold sink extenders were all optimized to give maximum heat pumping within the physical and electrical constraints. Holes were also perforated into the fins of the heat sink and cold sink to reduce weight and increase performance.