CP-040HT Mounting Bracket

Mounting bracket converts the CP-040HT into a bench-top cooler.

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Mounting bracket converts the CP-040HT into a bench-top ready cooler.

  • Converts the CP-040HT into a bench-top ready cooler.
  • Mounting holes are spaced to mount to common optical tables and breadboards.
  • Includes four M3 screws for attaching the bracket to the CP-040HT.
  • RoHS compliant

Specifications and Features

Standard Coolers and Temperature Controllers Catalog

CP-040HT 3D Model in .pdf Format (Requires Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher)


3D PDF MODEL: Click on the link above to download a 3D solid model in portable document format (PDF). This must be opened in the Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) version 8 or higher. It WILL NOT WORK IF OPENED IN A BROWSER WINDOW. You can rotate and view the cooler from any angle (however, wire leads are not shown in the model). 3D content may initially appear as a two-dimensional preview image. Clicking the 3D model with the Hand or Select tool enables (or activates) the model and opens the 3D toolbar.

NOTE WHEN SAVING FILES: When downloading a solid model some browsers may change the name of the extension. You must save the file to your computer using the “Save as” option and rename the extension back to the appropriate type before using. (For example, a SolidWorks file will be saved with the .htm or .html extension, the file extension must be changed back to .sldprt before using.)

Compatible with:

  • Three-quarter view of 67mm wide high temperature thermoelectric cold plate cooler/heater. Cooled aluminum plate on the front, waste heat exhausted to fins on back. Fins are fan cooled. The fan air enters on the back, off to one side, and exhausts on left and right. Operates on 24 volts DC and removes 40 watts of heat at a 0°C temperature difference relative to ambient. Can heat to 100°C without damaging the cooler. Internal extender blocks improve the capacity at larger temperature differences.



    Capacity Rating: 40 watts at a 0°C temperature difference.
    Example Applications: Medical and laboratory instruments.
    Features: Provides very good cooling capacity with a small form factor. Narrow heat sink is only 67 mm wide. Powered by 24 VDC and compatible with all of our temperature controllers. Combined with a bipolar temperature controller, it can also be used for heating up to 100 °C. An optional bracket is available for converting to bench-top use.

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