Series/Parallel modules have two separate electrical circuits inside. Two wires for each circuit exit the module making a total of four wires, and they circuits can be wired in series or in parallel. This allows flexibility in choosing the operating voltage or current to the device.  Provided a good heat sink is utilized the module will typically be operated at 12 V (parallel connection) or 24 V (series connection).

Our proprietary epoxy perimeter seal (potting option) can be added for moisture protection and enhanced mechanical strength.  These modules are rated for use up to 80°C; the wire insulation is PVC.

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Series/Parallel modules offer the same excellent thermal performance and quality as our other modules but have two separate electrical circuits inside. These electrical circuits can be externally wired in series or parallel to switch between low power consumption or high heat pumping when operating from a fixed voltage supply. The Vmax (series connection) is also the highest offered and is useful for designing higher voltage circuits with a minimum of thermoelectric modules. Our proprietary “potting” for moisture protection and ruggedizing is available as an option. These modules are rated for use up to 80°C.

Parameters of Category: Series-Parallel Modules
Imax ser 1.9
par 3.7 amp(s)
Qmax 36.6 watt(s)
Vmax ser 31.8
par 15.9 volt(s)
DT max 70 Th=300K
A 40 mm
B 40 mm
C 40 mm
D 40 mm
H 4.8 mm

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